About Me

My Inspiration

Life emanates from our Creator, a Divine Source deep within. I discovered this deep, refreshing river of Life in dreams and visions, often in times of physical and emotional distress. Through research, spiritual focus, discipline, and creative expression, I continue to receive precious gifts of wisdom and joy. My children, grandchildren, and friends amaze me.


I strive to celebrate freedom, beauty, and interconnection of all creation. I love to share spiritual truths, the heart of our lives 

My Background

Born and raised in Maryland  near Washington DC, I traveled the world, lived in Chicago, and near Los Angeles, Tuscon, Phoenix. I earned a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, raised two precious children, worked several years in freelance art and 15 years in drafting / mechanical design in aerospace, earned a Master's degree in counseling in 2004, and worked as a licensed mental health and substance abuse counselor since then. My art work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and been published on covers of several books and magazines. Various wisdom teachings honed my vision. 

My Medium

I use a variety of media (including mixed media, oil pastel, watercolor, ink, pencil) but paint primarily in acrylic paint on canvas or paper, for acrylic's rich vibrancy of color and timeless durability. All work is archival, including matts.

I believe our lives exhibit our many forms of creative expression. For over 30 years, I have helped people let go of powerful stuck emotions (including most types of trauma), stop the vicious cycles of codependency and chemical dependency, connect deeply with the individual’s perception of a Higher Power, have better relationships, and feel more joy. Using a variety of modalities, tools and technologies, clients gain control and balance to move beyond chaos, to thrive and soar to a rich sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. You are invited to visit www.marciadiane.com.


To aid in creating our goals, I created a series of empowering meditations using ancient Kabbalah technology, the 72 Names of God, with my unique art renditions plus therapeutic meditations for spiritual emotional well-being. Choose between 18 e-books for topics such as anger, anxiety, depression, and relationships. Click here to see a variety of Visual Mantra Meditations available for sale now. 

A Critique from a Gallery in Soho NY